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This is information for the Halberd Games Normandy (D-Day) campaign at BADCON 2016 and 2017.

The Campaign Plan 2016 is here.

The Campaign Plan 2017 is here.

The links to the scenarios on the Flames of War website are here:

  1. Amphibious Assaults and Hit the Beach
  2. Airbourne Assaults and Seize and Hold
  3. Utah Beach
  4. Omaha Beach
  5. Point 213
  6. Pegasus Bridge Original Version
  7. Kampgruppe Opeln Attacks
  8. Battle of La Fiere Causeway
  9. Kampgruppe Rauch Attacks

These are additional scenarious for 2017:

1. Pegasus Bridge Revised.



These are maps and plans:

Pegasus Bridge Gamemap

These are special rules:

Lt Col Pine-Coffin Rules