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Sambari Tribe

This page has details of the Samabari Tribe in Sartar. It starts with a general description and then has links to further resources on this site.

The tribe holds the land of Saravan’s Hills, the Sambari Pass, part of the Tantrell Hills the village of Caroman and Roundstone Fort. Nearby is Fort Enstala – a new fortress town of the Lunar created Enstalos Tribe. Across the pass in Chormsland is the Locaem Tribe with the Balmyr to the south. The Enstalos are to the south-east and Kheldon to the north-east. Currently the tribe has about 7200 members over 5.

The tribe is divided into 7 clans with members aged over 5 as follows: 

  • Roundstone: 800

  • Fire Bull: 500

  • Caroman: 1200

  • Heranil: 1000

  • Thorn Tree: 900

  • Copper Hill: 1100

  • Long Runner: 900

  • Lader: 800

Each clan has several possible names based on ancestry, famous deeds or where they live. Brief details of the clans are:




Fire Bull

Leikan the Ploughman

The Fire Bull clan is traditionally aggressive and anti-Lunar. Their land was devastated in the Firebull Rebellion and their fyrd and weaponthanes killed at the Battle of Gold Hill. The chief who led them in the rebellion was killed. They have lost several steads to the Enstalos and the sad remnants of the clan may well be added to the Enstalos soon.


Fantarl Jarstansson

The Caroman Clan controls part of the main road and levies tolls on travellers. They are more involved in trade than other clans and maintain neutrality with the Lunars as far as possible. They stayed out of the Firebull Rebellion.


Orlgard Swordhand

The Heranil Clan contain many Humakti who serve as mercenaries. They are neutral to the Lunars and stayed out of the rebellion.

Thorn Tree

Illig Black and Blue

The Thorn Tree Clan is traditionally anti-Lunar and joined the Firebull Rebellion. They are known for their skirmishing and hill fighting. They fled early from the battle of Gold Hill avoiding undue casualties but since then Lunar forces have been hunting them in the hills and they have suffered many losses.

Copper Hill

Jistin Copper-Helm

The Copper Hill clan maintains neutrality with the Lunars and avoided the rebellion. They have a copper mine on their land.

Long Runner

Brolos Tarosson

The Long Runner clan was originally neutral but joined the rebellion. Their chief and most of their fyrd were destroyed at Gold Hill but some of the weaponthanes escaped. They are now hidden in the hills but the Lunars have been crucifying collaborators to try to draw them out.


Jonrik Backstabber

The Ladar clan joined the rebellion reluctantly but were destroyed all the same. Their land is not very good for crops but they herd many sheep. Unfortunately the Lunars have taken most of them.

Some Sambari History up to 1616

The Sambari tried to remain neutral following the Lunar invasion, keeping to their local traditions but collaborating enough to avoid hostilities. They charge tolls on the road through the Sambari Pass which is a useful source of income and are major slave traders for which they found a good market with the Lunar occupiers.

The Sambari did not support Starbrow’s rebellion though some warriors joined the fight against the tribe’s wishes. After the rebellion the nearby Kheldon Tribe which had a major part in the rebellion suffered serious reprisals loosing their movement powers entirely and being given a Lunar overlord. At this time the Lunars took some clans from the Kheldon and created a new tribe called the Enstalos which now borders the Sambari1. At the moment this is quite a small tribe but its numbers are being boosted by settlers from the Empire.

 In 1615 Lunar traders arrived at a festival of the traditionalist Firebull Clan. A scuffle began between some young warriors and the Lunars and two traders were killed. Enstalos militia arrived and arrested four of the warriors who were taken to Fort Enstala, tried and crucified for the murder of the Lunar citizens.

The Firebull Clan called a moot and demanded support from the other clans. Thus the Firebull, Roundstone, Long Runner and Thorn Tree went to war with the Enstalos but the other clans refused to support the attack saying that it would lead to war with the Empire. The Sambari army of about 1000 warriors lead by Willandring Thunder-Bull chief of the Fire Bull Clan entered Enstalos lands and burned several steads, defeated some militia and killed some settlers. A force of 1000 soldiers of the Goldedge Foot supported by 500 Enstalos Militia approached from the south and the Sambari fell back into Firebull lands at Gold Hill. There they were joined by the king Torkan White-eye and his weaponthanes. The Lunar forces then united with a relief force of 500 Dogeaters and 500 Arrowstone Cavalry. Polemarch Diotasus Greatson took command of the Lunar force. The Lunar force moved into Fire Bull lands destroying steads as they went. The rebel army remained on Gold Hill relying on the good defensive terrain to deter a Lunar attack. The Polemarch moved his forces up to the hill and offered battle.

In the battle the Dogeaters advanced up the hill and drove off the Thorn Tree Clan skirmishers who fled the field. The fyrd was then pinned by the Dogeaters whilst the Arrowstones attacked their flanks. The Goldedge Foot then attacked the rebel centre as the Dogeaters moved onto the right flank. Torkan and WIllandring died fighting. Many of the rebels were killed or captured during the pursuit. Lunar troops then moved through the lands of the rebellious clans crucifying traitors and ravaging the land.2

The tribe chose a new king Roganvarth Loud-Laugh who offered peace to the Lunars. The Enstalos immediately took two of the Firebull’s steads and rumour has it that the governor will grant all of their lands to them soon. Confiscations appear likely from the other rebel clans as well.

For events after Storm Season 1616 see After the Firebull Rebellion.


1. Barbarian Adventures says that the Enstalos were granted several clans from the Kheldon after Starbrow's rebellion (1613) so I decided they must have existed on a smaller scale before 1618 when they seem to be officially founded.

2. Possibly does not quite agree with a very brief description in Tales of the Reaching Moon 18. I decided to make the rebellion quite dramatic as it resulted in the decimation of the Sambari.

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