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Sambari Tribe After the Firebull Rebellion

After the Firebull Rebellion a final settlement of the Sambari situation was not decided upon by the Lunar authorities until Storm Season 1616. A Lunar diplomat from Tarsh, Eslarana Moonhand, was sent to the clan moot of the Roundstone Clan to explain the ruling. The text of the letter was as follows:

To Chief Morev, members of the clan ring, and the whole Roundstone Clan greetings on behalf of the noble Prince of Sartar, Temertain,  Fazzur Wideread, General of the Provincial Army, Provincial Overseer Appius Luxius and Our Father Takenegi, Lord of the Four Corners, Emperor and Saviour. The blessings of the goddess and the entire loyal host of heaven be with you now and in future. 

We were greatly saddened at the unfortunate events which led to armed rebellion of certain of our subjects of the Sambari Tribe against the rightful rule of our realm. Treason is a terrible crime against the order of heaven and rightfully the harshest penalties of all are appropriate for such acts.

In this respect we hold the Firebull, Ladar, Long Runner Clans and the leaders of the revolt especially culpable. Heaven has already delivered judgement on the chief traitors Willandring Thunder-Bull and Torkan White-eye who have already paid with their lives but in addition they have been condemned to the 4th Hell until such time as the goddess should grant them mercy. The lands of these clans are forfeit to the Empire and have been granted to the loyal Enstalos Tribe in part payment for the atrocities committed against their lands and persons. All members of these clans who bore arms against the forces of righteousness, and who survived the unfortunate conflict, have been or will be transported to Tarsh where they will work as slaves for the good of the Empire. The remainder have been granted as slaves to the Enstalos. Let their fate be a warning to all rebels and traitors.

However certain members of these clans have showed that they are to be trusted. They will be granted lands within the confiscated area along with their followers. They will form a new clan to be known as Her Mercy. This new clan will include King Roganvarth Loud-Laugh, Elnor Oak-Leaf, Veoslin Watcher, Areana Stormcloak and Fair Lyzal. 

We have decided to show leniency to the Roundstone Clan in memory of the friendship which once existed between our peoples and in the hope that such amity may come to exist once more. In our mercy we will pardon the surviving members of the clan for bearing arms against the Empire in return for a solemn oath to remain loyal subjects in future. Compensation to the Enstalos and the Provincial Army has been set at 500 cows. Your chief will collect the compensation payment and deliver it to me as soon as is practical. All hail the goddess in her mercy.

The Thorn Tree Clan who initially appeared to join the rebellion are hereby pardoned with no compensation. All hail the goddess in her mercy.

We have offered a vote of thanks to our loyal subjects of the Caroman, Heranil and Copper Hill Clans. In recognition of their support we have decided that their taxes will be reduced by ½ for 5 years. So the empire rewards loyalty and service.

The ruling was enforced by a company of the Doblian Dogeaters  regiment commanded by Killer Forga (a Dogeater officer).

Map of Sambari Lands After the Ruling

The following map indicates the situation in Sambari lands following the ruling:

Map of Sambari Lands After the Ruling

The following map indicates the situation in Roundstone Clan lands after the ruling:

Roundstone After the Firebull Rebellion

The colours next to the steads indicate ownership:

Red: Roundstone Clan

Blue: Thorn Tree Clan

Orange: Copper Hill Clan

Yellow: Caroman Clan

White: Her Mercy Clan

Grey: Third Arrow (Enstalos)

The Enstalos militia and Lunar troops immediately began fortifying the former Sartarite steads and constructing watch towers on Boulder Ridge and Copper Ridge. Gradually the character of the steads was altered as new settlers moved in from the empire. Whilst the Sartarites continued to call the settlements by their old names they were given new foreign names. In addition a land grant was made near Watcher's Ridge to allow the construction of a new Lunar estate.