Regiment Sizes

Whilst mounted regiments are around 500 strong and infantry around 1000 there is some variation according to the military tradition of that the regiment comes from. These are establishment strengths. Bodyguard regiments are maintained at full strength. Professional regiments will be at 50-80% strength. Part time and militia units usually only have a few full time personnel and when called out 50% strength would be typical though the turn out can be well below this.

Close and Loose Order Infantry Regiments

Tradition File Depth Files per Company Companies per Regiment Regiment Size
Carmania 12 8 8 768
Dara Happa, Naveria, Sun Domes 10 10 10 1000
Darjiini Close Order 10 12 8 960
Darjiini Loose Order 10 8 12 960
Lunar 7 10 14 980
Pelandan 8 10 10 800
Rinliddi 9 9 11 891
Sylila, Tarsh 12 12 8 1152

Cavalry and Skirmishing Infantry

Cavalry and skirmishing infantry regiments are usually about half the size of a close or loose order infantry regiment. They generally have half as many files per company and do not deploy in such deep formations. They usually however have more companies to the regiment some of which wait in a reserve line in battle.


Regiments usually occupy about the same frontage when deployed in battle - about 100 metres. For example a Carmanian regiment on foot has about 64 men in the front rank compared with a Dara Happan regiment with 100. This this because the Dara Happan phalanxes draw up in closer order than the Carmanians - their frontage is still about the same.

Special Units

Regiments of other types such as those of the Magical Colleges, Vexilla and those of the Hunter Corps can be of any size but are usually less than 500 strong and may be less than 100.